In the event where RASCOM Customers have any questions with regard to the technical aspect of service provision, who should they contact?

If a customer has technical questions, it is necessary to contact RASCOM's NOC via e-mail:  report@rascom.ru (communications circuits), noc@rascom.ru (IP network) or  via telephone  (812) 303-91-72 (24 hrs for communications circuits) and (812) 702-25-00 (24 hrs for  IP network). While contacting the RASCOM NOC, the customer should MANDATORILY specify the Service ID - of the Service Order as given in the Service Acceptance certificate. Every message relating to the problems that arise within the limits of RASCOM responsibility zone will be assigned by NOC employees a unique ID (Trouble Ticket) that will be inserted into the local database and used for further actions following the message.

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