RASCOM Is Offering A New Service

RASCOM started providing the service of Colocation in Russia and Europe.

The Colocation service is provided both as an single service and as a part of end-to end solution which includes several RASCOM services. In addition to the services of layout and maintenance of equipment, there is an opportunity to arrange a communication circuit for customer up to the placed equipment or, for example, to connect it to the largest IXs both in Russia and Europe.

RASCOM’s competence in the field of global communications is based on the being in operation for many years on both national and international market for services; this is why the new RASCOM service is the best decision to implement crucial and complicated projects as well as to ensure the high-quality service and customer’s equipment physical security.

RASCOM appreciates its customers’ time, so the contract projects will be implemented within the shortest time period and in full accordance with the set task.

To discuss technical and commercial terms of Colocation service, please, contact RASCOM Sales Department: +7(812)303-91-70 or +7(495)748-11-00.

For a written request of the terms of service provision, please, send an e-mail to: zapros@rascom.ru.


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