RASCOM Is Expanding into New Territories

RASCOM expanded its network in the Tver region and installed a telecommunication node in the town of Udomlya.

RASCOM placed its telecom node on the site of the “Mendeleev” datacenter, which was opened in 2018, it is one of the largest datacenter in Russia and Europe having a great potential for its services. The node is connected to existing node of the regional DWDM system of RASCOM network (http://www.rascom.ru/about/news/89/) in the town of Bologoye, which capacity achieves up to 8800 Gbps, and it is one of the 3 systems of the backbone network on the section from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

“The growing need in digitalization of most business areas worldwide causes a great demand for fault-tolerant datacenters that are computation-intensive and perform large storage volume,” Director General of RASCOM Denis Ganza comments on this event, “Mendeleev” datacenter is exactly this kind of site that can meet the demands of many companies, however, most of these potential customers are located in megalopolises and require the circuits been arranged up to this datacenter. The completed project was aimed to tackle this very issue. The new telecommunication node of RASCOM has an access to the whole network of the company that allows ensuring the high-speed connection of datacenter customers to various Russian and European cities.”

“We believe that the demand for customers’ passband data communication will eventually correspond to the level and capacity of datacenter “Mendeleev”, Technical Director O. Klimovskiy comments, “As far as we are concerned, there are all the technical conditions been created to achieve that: there are high-speed data transfer capabilities of up to 100 Gbps via a separate communication circuit, and it takes less than 2 weeks to arrange this circuits.”

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