RASCOM Expanded Its Presence at DE-CIX Germany

In September RASCOM expanded the bandwidth of the IP-network in Germany and arranged the connection to 3 new Internet Exchange Points of DE-CIX in Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich.

The DE-CIX traffic exchange was chosen by RASCOM as far back as 2009. That time, in order to improve the IP network connectivity in Germany, RASCOM has arranged the interconnection with DE-CIX in the city of Frankfurt, which is successfully used by the company by this day. During these years DE-CIX kept developing by increasing the number of connected participants as well as expanding geographic presence. In order to meet the market demands, in 2018 RASCOM decided to arrange 3 more connection points to the IX in the largest metropolises of Germany with highly developed business- and IT-infrastructure. It turned out that DE-CIX was again the most efficient solution to this issue; due to the arranged services it allowed to achieve the necessary results within the shortest time period.

Today RASCOM is present at public IX-s in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Kiev. Moreover, the company is the partner of many IX-s, including the DE-CIX, and it provides its customers with the opportunity to directly connect to the IX-s in every abovementioned city.

“Our company is one of the carriers that has a strong presence at the largest public IX-s,” Denis Ganza, the CEO of RASCOM CJSC, commented on, “The necessity of constant expanding this presence is connected with our strategy, that is targeted in increasing the network connectivity for the company’s customers as well as acceleration of the interconnection between the networks of other Internet providers”

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