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For the purposes of acquainting with the services the RASCOM Company sets up two special offers of “IP-transit BGP FlowSpec Service options testing” and “Testing connection to IX” from June 1. The special offer of “IP-transit BGP FlowSpec Service options testing” is available till December 31. The testing is offered for free up to the 1 month period providing that there is an agreement with RASCOM about Internet access services. For the testing connection of the companies, which are not RASCOM’s customers, the cross connection to the RASCOM network is covered by the testing party, and the Internet access (IP-transit) Service with BGP FlowSpec option is offered for free to the 5 calendar day period. The special offer of “Testing connection to IX” is available till August 31. The Carrier, which has submitted to RASCOM an application for participation, is granted for free a circuit connected to one of the participating IX ports. The participants have to arrange a cross connection from their equipment to the RASCOM’s network equipment, or to coordinate the using of already existing interface. The other works are made in terms of the special offering by RASCOM efforts and there are no charges for them. After the testing period, which limited by 2 weeks, the participant has an opportunity to sign an agreement with the RASCOM Company for further Service using. In terms of the special offer it is possible to arrange a testing connection to the following IX: MSK-IX/Moscow, SPB-IX/St. Petersburg, AMS-IX/Amsterdam, FICIX/Helsinki, NETNOD/Stockholm, DEC-IX/Frankfurt/New York/ Istanbul, FRANCE-IX/Paris, GIGANET-IX/Kiev, DTEL-IX/Kiev. For more information about the services participating in special offers, please, follow the links: BGP FlowSpec
IX Connect
In order to get the special offer, please, send a free-form application to your manager or to e-mail: zapros@rascom.ru.

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