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RASCOM to arrange a 100 Gbps capacity circuit for YANDEX

The company RASCOM has made their first contract for arranging a 100 Gbps capacity circuit usage being made of the DWDM system of their own. The 1213-km-long link will connect together YANDEX’s technological sites in Moscow and in Helsinki where, in a suburb, a new data-center of the company is being built. The service activation is planned for April 2014.

“In April 2013, the company RASCOM, based upon the investigation of the carriers’ market needs, has installed, at their network, the Ciena-manufactured 100 Gbps transportation equipment,- comments Mr V.I. Kireev, RASCOM’s General Director. – And that was not per accident. The carriers migrate, step by step, to using links with higher capacity, and, by our forecast, demand for 100 Gbps will grow in next years. The company YANDEX became the first customer to lease a 100 Gbps-capacity circuit.”

“In August 2013, YANDEX has begun to build a new data-center in Helsinki suburb,- comments Mr A. Korolenko, Mäntsälä data-center construction project manager,- One of the stages in implementing the project is to connect the new data-center with the YANDEX’s Moscow-located technological sites. RASCOM, in partnership with CIENA corporation, will provide us for a 100 Gbps circuit which will assure maximum full usage of the capacity to be leased, and that, in turn, as we expect, is to influence economic efficiency of the project as a whole.”

“Being a long-term customer and one of the first users of Ciena’s coherent optic technologies, the company RASCOM has been using numerous advantages of the perfectly scalable and very flexible new-generation network. The company is  permanently extending their network, while adapting it to their customers’ demands,- noted Mr S. Y. Fishkin, Managing Director of Ciena corporation’s representation for Russia.- Thanks to its flexible architecture, RASCOM’s network is fully meeting the growing needs of Russian economy in transmitting data from Russia to Europe and is a catalyzer for international carriers’ business. Making the contract for arranging a 100-Gbps-capacity link to connect Russia and Europe is a proof of that.”

Transiting to use 100-Gbps-capacity links is a quality leap and a significant event for Russia’s carriers’ community. The appearance of this service at the market place equals acknowledgement of this solution’s technologic advantages  and economic efficiency of the same.

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