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Low Latency Circuits

Low Latency Circuit Service allows transmitting customers data via dedicated circuits that perform low latency transmission index. Optimization of latency is achieved by the whole set of measures, among which the most efficient are: to shorten geographical route of the circuit and to reduce points of regeneration of optical signal.

RASCOMs Leasing of Low Latency Circuits Service is successfully used for High Frequency Trading (HFT), which attracts much attention of finance markets lately. To provide a high speed of transaction making, which is necessary for high-frequency trader, it is critical to improve the transmission of information and to lower the latency of receiving it by a trader. These are the circuits of exactly this low latency of traffic transmission that are presented by the RASCOM Company.

Low latency, RTD

For circuits of 10 Gbts Level

RTD (Latency ) New York Moscow


95,31 ms

RTD (Latency ) London-Moscow

36,86 ms

RTD (Latency ) Framkfurt Moscow

31,16 ms

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