Services - Internet


The service is targeted at providing Internet-connectivity for customers and is delivered basing upon RASCOM's own IP-network - - AS20764. RASCOM network is built on the basis of Cisco Systems and Extreme Networks equipment. Transmission rate of the service provided by RASCOM is up to 200 Gbps.

RASCOM provides the access by means of two types of ports: 

  • First port type is characterized by static routing of the customer's traffic and a limited number of the IP-addresses (minimum 8, but not more than 255) that are given by RASCOM from its own address space;
  • Second port type is characterized by dynamic routing of customer's traffic (according to BGP v.4 protocol) and can be provided if a customer has its own  IP-addresses that he had obtained in compliance with the  RIPE-234 regulations.


To discuss technical and commercial terms of providing services it is necessary to contact RASCOM Sales Department by phones +7(812)303-91-70 or +7(495)748-11-00. For written service requests you can write a message by e-mail:




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