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Capacity Services

RASCOM performs services of private circuits leasing using its own network. Due to the advantages of high technologies of communications, complete control over its own network and having interconnect with almost every Russian carrier, RASCOM can establish channels within the shortest time. The bandwidth of the optical channel, organized by RASCOM, can be up to 400 Gbit / s.Moreover, RASCOM services are based on flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each customer, therefore your expenses are always optimal.

Service is available for following countries:

  • The Russian Federation;
  • Estonia;
  • Poland;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Belarus; 
  • Sweden;
  • Finland;
  • Denmark;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • The Great Britain;
  • The Netherlands;
  • Republic of China;
  • United States of America;
  • Ukraine.

Standard term of delivery of digital circuits is from 10 up to 60 business days after the day the agreement is made.     

Depending on required quality indicators, there are 2 types of capacity service offered:

Protected communications circuit

It can be used for traffic transmission with high requirements for reliability. The service includes provision of two channels passing over diversed physical and logical routes over the transportation network.

Single communications circuit

It can be used as a back-up for an existing capacity and as an alternative route for transmitting your traffic. This is a cost effective solution for those customers who use two or more backbone carriers for their network.

In order to connect several remote offices and to provide them with an information exchange, RASCOM performs building of its optic fiber relocation up to the customer’s area. RASCOM provides a customer with channel capacity which can be used for data transmission or for corporate telephone and data networks.

The private network built on a basis of RASCOM leased circuits will make an easier access to information, increase data transmission and improve the protection from failure access from the outside. Virtual private network allows arranging high quality connection with minimum costs.

To request technical and commercial terms of providing services please contact RASCOM Sales Department: +7(812)303-91-70 or +7(495)748-11-00, or by e-mail:




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