RASCOM Completed Launching Its New Access Netnodes in Amsterdam and London
This autumn we completed two important stages of the RASCOM’s network enlargement in Europe to become closer to our partners and customers. One more netnode is arranged in Amsterdam on the Equinix AM3 Site at the address of Science Park 610, moreover, there is a new netnode arranged in London on the Interxion LON1 Site at the address of 91-95 Brick Lane. On the basis of these netnodes the company provides full service package of circuit arrangement and IP network access.  

“Opening new netnodes is one more step in our business development,” Director General of CJSC RASCOM Denis Ganza comments on, “extension of European network segment allows us to increase the control over the provided services as well as to decrease the time period of these services arrangement.”

We keep extending the network in order to stay close all the time!