Rascom network

CJSC RASCOM network is a combination of the primary SDH fiber-optic network and telephony and telematic services secondary networks built on the basis thereof.

The reliability of the network function is achieved by means of:

  • Using, to build the network, the most up-to-date equipment of world leading manufacturers such as ADC, Cisco, Nokia, Nortel, Pirelli, Tellabs
  • Permanent up-dating the software and hardware of the network equipment
  • Backbone network traffic protection of the multi-level hot reserve system based upon physical ring topology which implies using different routes to organize main and back-up transmission directions
  • Building a unique automated tied-together network planning, monitoring and management system which allows a 24hrs equipment monitoring of the primary and secondary network equipment from one management center in Saint-Petersburg
  • Ramified and territorially distributed infrastructure of network equipment and outside plant operations maintenance that provides for emergency situation restoration at any point in the network within 4 6 hours after it has arisen
  • Highly-skilled technical personnel that was trained in specialized training centers of the companies Nortel, Nokia, Tellabs and network academy of Cisco.